Why Work For Us?

  • You tell us when you’re available- Great for multi-tasking mom and dads, students, retirees.
  • We don’t force people into a template —we recognize there is more than one way to accomplish a job.
  • Because we are in so many locations, we can offer you work wherever you are.
  • If you like being around plants and people, this is your kind of work.

How Could You Fit In?
If working with plants and dealing with people appeals to you, consider working for Plant Essentials. We have customizable schedules and hundreds of locations to suit your location and availability.

There are three major categories of jobs which we are frequently looking to fill:

What is a General Merchandiser?
A general merchandiser does seasonal, part-time work with flexible scheduling and a huge number of possible locations. No training or special experience is required; this is a great opportunity to learn about working with plants in retail.

What is a Field Coordinator?
Field coordinators work full-time covering between three and six stores, visiting every store weekly. The field coordinator knows and understands the “plantogram,” makes sure it is executed properly, and deals with department managers and nursery specialists. No specific educational requirements, but a background in retail, merchandising, management, or horticulture are preferred.

What is an Area Manager?
An area manager is our highest-level manager in the field, covering 25 to 60 stores. Area managers have very good computer skills, great time-management skills, and can work independently. They handle HR issues, make some public presentations, speak at meetings, are good at problem-solving, and enjoy travel.

We also offer other types of opportunities on occasion. You can keep abreast of new opportunities by visiting our current careers.